Svante Gullichsen

Photographer, 1994, Helsinki, Finnish

Svante Gullichsen’s works are mostly self-portraits taking place in archipelagic and rough natural environments. His style varies from strong Nordic and mystical atmospheres to warm and insightful expeditions. At the very core, Gullichsen’s work is presenting mental health issues through the relation between human and nature as well as the fundamental relation between darkness and light. Svante’s first solo exhibition “Hangin on” with works he made from 2016-2020 were displayed at the beginning of the year 2021 in Tampere’s Photographic center Nykyaika and he received a lot of positive attention in the media. Gullichsen’s second solo exhibition “Fearless” was on display at the Nordic Village 2021 in the Art park at Hanaholmen Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre and seen from over 20-thousand spectators.

Svante finds comfort in dangerous situations. It makes his body’s full alertness feel justified. Many of his works are self-portraits while a number of new masterpieces involve more participants engaging viewers in new ways to his world of art depicting his reflections on personal processes he is dealing with and what makes him feel alive being an fearless artist.

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