Stig Marlon Weston

Visual Artist, Director CYAN studio collective, 1974, Oslo, Norwegian

Stig Marlon Weston has worked as a photographer and artist for more than 20 years, focusing on process-based and critical conceptual photography in exhibition projects where the physicality of the image is in the forefront, visually discussing truth and image-making. He studied photography at a vocational college in Norway. Afterwards, he has worked freelance as a photographer and artist, and later established the studio and gallery collective CYAN studio in Oslo, Norway (1998). Stig curates and organizes exhibitions and events for emerging and established artists. In his career, Stig has won several awards and grants and exhibited both nationally and internationally with galleries, competitions and festivals. Now, he runs workshops in both traditional and creative image-making and participates as a jury member in competitions. He is also a member of the FFF – The Norwegian Association for Fine Art Photographers.

Preus Museum - Norway's National Museum of Photography Weston's acquired series of 6 prints from his «Grove» autumn 2021. The museum purchased one of his large prints (30x40 cm) and 5 smaller prints (5x10 cm) making a nice set up to be able to show the variations in this project. Over the past year Preus Museum received over 3 million Norwegian kroner for purchasing contemporary photography. The museum will primarily use this extraordinary funding to strengthen its collection with female photographers and artists. "This is very gratifying", says acting director Kristin Aasbø at Preus museum. "Photography is a field that is developing and growing, and as a photographic museum it is important to strengthen our collection, as well as stimulating the environment among photographers and camera-based artists."

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