Jooeun Bae

Collage photographer, 1994, Jinju, South Korean

Jooeun Bae is a Korean collage-photographer. She moved independently to the United States to study for a decade at the age of 15. There she met a new culture, which melted in the young artist without a sense of difference. Therefore, she formed a sense of herself that harmonized her Korean human nature and the American culture. While the artist was growing, she was fascinated with the idea of making one by mixing different elements. Thus, collage is an essential method that allows Jooeun Bae to put imaginations from her head together. Moreover, the collage pulls out unique characters of subjects that she photographs visually. She also finds amusing the whole process of shooting each element and putting them together in order to create a collage work. For these reasons, she has chosen to be a collage-photographer among various specialities in photography.

Bae graduated from the International Center of Photography in New York in 2019 and has since had her work published by PhotoVogue, TIME, The Atlantic, Refinery 29, and Helsinki Photo News. She has been featured on the longlist for Foam Talent Call 2021, Exposure Photography Festival 2021, and exhibited at Helsinki Photo Festival 2021. “Bae’s Colorful Scissors series is both the fruit of her fascination with collage and a thoughtful reflection on the creative energy of migrant life.“ Musée Magazine

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